Will Golden State Break the Record? Picking Every Warriors Game for the Rest of the Season


I don’t know if the Warriors are going to win 73 games. So I decided to pick every single one of their games down the stretch to find out.

3/11 vs. Portland: Win

No way the Warriors lose to Portland after the war crimes Damian Lillard committed against them last month.

3/12 vs. Phoenix: Win

The Warriors have already lost to a tanking team. It isn’t happening twice.

3/14 vs. New Orleans: Win

The Pellies should be allowed to borrow Shaun Livingston for this game. Just to make it fair.

3/16 vs. New York: Win

Oh hey, it’s the “when David Lee was good” bowl.

3/18 @ Dallas: Loss

Surprise! Golden State will be looking ahead to San Antonio the next night, Rick Carlisle will have something special cooked up, this seems like the ultimate trap game.

3/19 @ San Antonio: Win

Easily could be a loss, second night of a road back-to-back against a team that hasn’t lost a home game, but I can’t pick the Warriors to lose twice in a row. If they lose to Dallas, though, this feels like a loss.

3/21 @ Minnesota: Win

Nothing to see here.

3/23 vs. Los Angeles Clippers: Loss

A home loss is going to happen at some point. No NBA team has ever gone undefeated at home. The Clippers always get up for Warrior games, and this rivalry could use a bit of gasoline before the second round sweep we’re going to see in May.

3/25 vs. Dallas: Win

The Warriors won’t lose to the same team twice.

3/27 vs. Philadelphia: Win

The Warriors won’t lose to a D-league team once.

3/29 vs. Washington: Win

The Wizards are just flat out disinterested at this point. You don’t beat the Warriors without interest.

3/30 @ Utah: Loss

The last time Golden State visited Utah they escaped with a three-point win. This time they won’t be so lucky.

4/1 vs. Boston: Win

This will be the closest game the Warriors play down the stretch, Boston’s small ball lineup matches up well, but Golden State just has too much fire power to lose this game at home.

4/3 vs. Portland: Win

Portland will be fighting for a playoff spot and this game should be close, but the Blazers don’t play good enough defense to win at Oracle, where the crowd neuters your role players.

4/5 vs. Minnesota: Win

This is around the point in April where Karl-Anthony Towns will be ruled out for the season with some bogus injury like an inexperienced spine and Andrew Wiggins only plays 11 minutes because damn it, Sam Mitchell had a really good feeling about Tayshaun Prince that night.

4/7 vs. San Antonio: Win

The Spurs will have nothing to play for at this point. Why show the Warriors anything they could use in the playoffs?

4/9 @ Memphis: Win

Golden State has the Grizzlies figured out, and that was before Marc Gasol went down for the year.

4/10 @ San Antonio: Win

See 4/7

4/13 vs. Memphis: Win

The record breaker.

Final Record: 73-9



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