I Turned All of the NBA Logos Upside Down. What are You Gonna Do About it?

Upside Down Logos2

I turned all of the NBA logos upside down. I didn’t really have a reason for it. Easy content I suppose. Anyway here are some assorted thoughts:

  • I actually prefer Indiana’s logo upside down. It’s just a lower case “d.” It could stand for defense. Nice to see a team show such a commitment to that end of the floor.
  • I like to pretend that the Celtics’ leprechaun is being held over the side of a building by Batman. Not sure why. Maybe he wants his lucky charms.
  • Golden State’s logo makes it look like the sky has a ceiling. That’s a really poetic line. I think I’ll send it to Lorde.
  • Aside from the text, there’s really no difference between the right side up and upside down versions of the Raptors logo.
  • The Milwaukee Buck turns into the Milwaukee Spider.
  • The Phoenix Suns upside down logo looks like an orange energy sword from Halo
  • Is there something from 1997 (or any year ending in “97”) that would justify changing Philly’s team name? Brandon Ingram was born in 1997. Maybe they draft him and change the name to the 97ers to match their upside down logo.
  • The Hornets have the upside down logo I’d least want to step on, followed by Dallas and San Antonio.

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