Fake NBA Trade of the Day 5/7/16: Marc Gasol to Milwaukee

Marc Gasol Bucks FI

Every day, Pick and Popovich will post one fake trade and explain why it makes sense for every team involved to make it. There are no parameters beyond fitting within the salary cap. Sometimes the trades will involve stars, others role players. They are not grounded in actual rumors, they just make sense on paper. During the 2016 NBA Playoffs, each week will feature seven fake trades of one star player. This is Marc Gasol Week. 

795                                                                nba_bucks-primary_final_1294x1572-1


Memphis Grizzlies Receive:                                           Milwaukee Bucks Receive:

Greg Monroe                                                                       Marc Gasol

2016 1st Round Draft Pick


Why Memphis would make this trade: As a small market team, it’s valuable to Memphis to stay competitive in the short term. Monroe allows them to do that, but Milwaukee’s lottery pick allows them to start building for the future without necessarily tanking.


Why Milwaukee would make this trade: It’s off of their timeline, but the price is palatable and if their interest in Dwight Howard is to be believed, they want to win now. Gasol serves the offensive role they envisioned for Monroe as a high-post fulcrum and simple bucket-getter down low, but he doesn’t come with nearly the same defensive drawbacks Monroe does. The defensive potential of Sean Sweeney’s manic trapping scheme with Gasol protecting the rim is through the roof.

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