Fake NBA Trade of the Day 5/8/16: Marc Gasol to Golden State

Marc Gasol Warriors PI

Every day, Pick and Popovich will post one fake trade and explain why it makes sense for every team involved to make it. There are no parameters beyond fitting within the salary cap. Sometimes the trades will involve stars, others role players. They are not grounded in actual rumors, they just make sense on paper. During the 2016 NBA Playoffs, each week will feature seven fake trades of one star player. This is Marc Gasol Week. 

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Memphis Grizzlies Receive:                                           Golden State Warriors Receive:

Harrison Barnes                                                                  Marc Gasol

Andrew Bogut

Kevin Looney

2018 1st Round Pick


Why Memphis would make this trade: Opinions on Harrison Barnes are fairly mixed, but even with the meatier contract this trade would net him, he has enough value as a shooter and defender combined with his youth to be the centerpiece of a Gasol trade. Looney and the pick are nice rebuilding pieces, and Bogut helps keep Memphis competitive in the interim to sell tickets.


Why Milwaukee would make this trade: Because oh my God if Draymond Green and Marc Gasol were on the same team the NBA might just end. The passing, the defense, screw Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, I just want to see that front court do beautiful things. This is every NBA nerd’s fantasy.

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