Every Uncalled Foul: The Basketball Episode of the Office


Every Uncalled Foul is a series in which I’ll watch a basketball movie and record every uncalled foul, citing what happened and how it specifically should have been called. Today’s feature: The basketball episode of The Office

Foul 1: 12:58: You can’t just pull a fan out of the stands to do the opening tip. I know there isn’t a sanctioned referee in this game, but still.

Foul 2: 13:20: The ball Jim saves from going out of bounds clearly touches the crack in the floor, which seems like a logical boundary. So either the ball went out of bounds and nobody called it, or they didn’t do a good enough job of establishing boundaries so I’m giving them a foul for that.

Foul 3: 13:39: Jim’s around the back move is clearly a carry.

Foul 4: 14:23: Even if that was a charge on Roy, which it wasn’t, you don’t get to shoot free throws off of offensive fouls unless they are flagrant. The ball should just be taken out of bounds by Michael’s team. But again, clearly not a charge.

Foul 5: 14:37: NBA Rule 9 states that “each free throw attempt shall be made within 10 seconds after the ball has been placed at the disposal of the free-thrower.” Michael clearly takes longer than 10 seconds with the ball. That’s a technical foul.


Foul 6: 15:19: Taunting by the warehouse team. That’s a technical.

Foul 7: 15:38: Borderline taunt by Michael, could be called either way. Refs would probably lean no, but they’d also be looking for it considering the other team just got called for it.

Foul 8: 15:45: Clear travel by Dwight. He pretty much just crawls away from the East German woman.

Foul 9: 15:50: And then he taunts.

Foul 10: 16:24: You can’t just say timeout. You have to signal to a referee with the timeout hand signal.

Foul 11: 16:40: Illegal screen by Michael, his feet aren’t set.

Foul 12: 16:52: Roy elbows Jim in the face. I’d categorize that as a flagrant, but intent would be up to an individual ref’s discretion.


Foul 13: 17:08: Offensive foul, Jim pushes off of Roy.

Foul 14: 17:31: Same thing, Jim pushes off of Roy for an offensive foul.

Foul 15: 17:49: I’m calling a uniform violation on Phyllis. I know these teams aren’t technically in uniform, but she’s not even in athletic attire.

Foul 16: 17:54: Blatant taunting by Michael. That would be his second technical if we ended up calling the first, so that would mean an ejection.

Foul 17: 18:00: Yes, the warehouse guy did elbow Michael, but there was no intent. I’d also like to point out that there is no such thing as a “flagrant personal intentional” foul. There are personal fouls and there are flagrant fouls, but there is no distinction for intentional fouls and obviously there is no distinction that combines all three. Finally, you cannot just end a game over a violent foul. Especially when you’re winning, but again, Michael should’ve just taken the free throws (or the ball out of bounds, depending on whether or not they were in the bonus, as it wasn’t a shooting foul and we’re saying it’s not flagrant).

Finally Tally: 17 fouls


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