Fake NBA Trade of the Day 6/8/16: Blake to Houston

Blake Rockets

Every day, Pick and Popovich will post one fake trade and explain why it makes sense for every team involved to make it. There are no parameters beyond fitting within the salary cap. Sometimes the trades will involve stars, others role players. They are not grounded in actual rumors, they just make sense on paper. During the 2016 NBA Playoffs, each week will feature seven fake trades of one star player. This is Blake Griffin Week. 

9657_los_angeles_clippers-alternate-2016-1.0                                    Houston_Rockets.svg                     826-2


Los Angeles Clippers Receive:          Houston Rockets Receive:           Portland Trail Blazers Receive:

Trevor Ariza                                            Blake Griffin                                      Clint Capela

Al-Farouq Aminu                                                                 

Patrick Beverley  


Why Los Angeles would make this trade: This is going to get redundant, but the Clippers would only trade Blake Griffin to build a smaller lineup around Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. This deal nets them three excellent fits for that style. Aminu and Ariza would join Paul, Jordan and Redick in the starting lineup and Beverley would be the sixth man and designated Stephen Curry stopper to save Paul’s energy for offense.

Why Houston would make this trade: Because James Harden and Blake Griffin could win a championship with the right role players. Houston could easily gear up for a 2017 free agency splurge to get those guys in place. This trade is a no-brainer for them.

Why Portland would make this trade: Portland needs a rim-protector in the worst way, and getting one on a rookie deal just gives them even more flexibility to spend money this summer. Losing Aminu after his breakout season would be tough, but he’s a replaceable player. They found him the first time, and they can find another one.

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