Can the Refs Shut the Hell Up About the Last Two Minutes Report?


Be prepared, this take is flaming, I’m about to turn into a grumbly old newspaper man for the next few paragraphs. Just let me put on my fedora. Perhaps I’ll take up smoking and sexism.

Can the refs just give it a rest with their complaints about the last two minutes reports? What’s wrong with a little bit of accountability.

In what other profession can you avoid performance evaluations? If you’re hiring a lawyer, you probably want to know if he wins most of his cases. If you serve someone the wrong food at a restaurant they’re going to send it back and give you a bad Yelp review. It’s employability 101, you get a job, you get judged at that job.

I don’t care if your job is more public, what do you think is going to happen? Nobody is going to hunt you down and feed you to their pet badgers. Give me one instance of that happening on American soil and I’ll back off. Your lives are not endangered. You’re just going to get a bit of public shame.

And by the way, if you do, you deserve it! Fans are smart nowadays. You’re not going to get hung in effigy for calling a 50/50 play one way or another. We understand how subjective your job can be and how quickly you have to make decisions. You’ll only get the aforementioned shame for missing obvious calls we all saw on TV. Calls that you as a professional should have gotten right the first time, and calls that we as fans would like closure on after the fact to make sure we aren’t crazy.

We deserve transparency. It wasn’t that long ago that one of your refs came out as crooked and admitted to essentially fixing games. Maybe he would’ve been caught earlier if the public was aware of his shady calls. Who’s to say there aren’t still refs pulling similar stunts? Tim Donaghy ruined it for the rest of you. The honor system is out the window. We need transparency.

So quit whining and get back to work. I don’t care if you get a few angry tweets in your inbox. Do the job you get paid for and do it right so that we won’t need to use the last two minutes report to criticize you. You work three hours per night eight months out of the year. Most basketball fans would take that arrangement in a heartbeat.

Ok, rant over.

2 thoughts on “Can the Refs Shut the Hell Up About the Last Two Minutes Report?”

    1. The frustrating part is that it still doesn’t feel like they’re getting it right. If you’re going to replay something, I almost feel like anything should be fair game. Like Russell Westbrook traveling in the WCF’s. That was on the replay. If we’re looking at the play anyway…

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