Here’s What It Would Look Like If the ABA Teams Kept Their Original Colors

Nets ABA Logo

The picture above is a reimagining of the Brooklyn Nets’ logo based on their ABA colors as the New York Nets. Here’s what it would look like if all four ABA teams to make the jump to the NBA had kept their original team colors:

Spurs ABA Logo2

Red, white and blue were extremely popular ABA colors, and though the Spurs made the switch to black and silver before their ABA term expired, they originally began as the Dallas Chaparrals, who wore patriotic colors.

Pacers ABA Colors

The Pacers were brighter in the ABA, but otherwise maintained a very similar blue and gold color scheme.

Nuggets ABA Logo

If only the Nuggets would’ve kept their old Denver Rockets color-scheme, someone needs to give the Lakers a run for their purple and gold color money.

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