What Would Be the Funniest Combined Team Names?


I like funny team names, so I’m gonna make some by combining real team names. The only rule is I can remove the “s” off of teams if I want. Because I’m the writer.

  •  The Magic Bucks

If this isn’t already a euphemism, it should be.

  • The Thunder Nuggets

If McDonalds ever mass produced an energy bar…

  • The Jazz Pelicans

The next Pixar movie: a pelican named Peter, because alliteration, wants nothing more than to play jazz, but can’t, because he’s a pelican, and society or something.

  • The Rocket Kings

This one isn’t even funny. I just like it. It’s like the name of a gang from a crappy dystopian future movie.

  • The Sun Nets

This has to be a hipster thing. Some sort of net that lets you catch the sun or something. I’ll research and get back to you.

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