Why Rajon Rondo Will Return to the Sacramento Kings

Rajon Rondo Kings1

In the plainest terms possible:


Nobody. There is not a single non-Kings team that would give him a roster spot. Rajon Rondo is terrible at basketball.

Here’s a jarring stat: the Kings were better with Rondo off of the floor last year. They had a -3.4 net rating with him playing and a -2.2 net rating without him.

Do you realize how hard that is? These are the Sacramento Kings! How bad do you need to be for the Kings to be better off without you? We could stick Aaron Burr at shooting guard for them and it would actually improve their defense.

That being said, the Kings are crazy. DeMarcus Cousins is crazy too, and he apparently enjoys playing with Rondo. This is probably because he doesn’t know what winning is, as the Kings have somehow convinced their players and fans that the league no longer keeps score in an effort to increase sportsmanship.

So the Kings are going to bring Rondo back at some point in mid-August on some ridiculous one-year deal and we’ll get to run this entire train wreck back all over again. Neat. It’s going to be jarring to see DeMarcus Cousins on the Lakers in two years.

Likely Contract: One Year, $8 Million


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